Information Technology is a crucial part of modern life. Almost everything is directly or indirectly influenced by it.

The Centre of ICT Services was established in order to keep up with global trends of incorporating information technology to better deliver teaching and learning services. It is responsible for deploying ICT infrastructure and Services for administration, teaching, research and learning to the Malawi Polytechnic Community. The Centre is also committed to promoting knowledge and understanding of ICT among the institution’s students and in the wider community and encouraging critical thinking about the use of ICT and its importance for national development.

The Centre of ICT Services aspires to support:

  • access to high-quality electronic systems,networks and technical support staff, sufficient to meet the needs of students,academic and non-academic members of staff throughout the institution
  • intergration of the most current information technology into instructional programs to prepare academic members of staff and students to compete in a rapidly changing world.

Since its inception the Centre has grown tremendously in order to accommodate the increasing staff and student population.