Software and Hardware Contract Management

This service manages compliance with the terms and conditions of site-wide contracts with ICT vendors such as the software agreements with Microsoft, SAGE AccPac, GIS.
Service Provisions :

This service includes:

  • Management of site-wide software contracts.
  • Management of hardware maintenance agreements.
  • Facilitating the checking of maintenance schedules.
  • Providing advice on contract terms and conditions.
  • Records management in relation to software and hardware contracts.
  • Contract renewals.
  • Liaison with college Legal services for legal advice.
  • General advice on licensing.
  • Managing the availability of software licensed for home use.
  • A software media borrowing process.

Please note this service does not include:

  • Contract negotiation with vendors. This is the responsibility of the Procurement Officer.
  • Budgeting processes.
Service Owner :
Technical Owner : Director, ICT Services
This service is available for:
  • Staff
  • Students

Service offerings and variations:      

Refer to the Software website for the terms and conditions of each contract.
Funding model                       Optional service offerings

Service cost                          

Some contracts centrally funded. Some are recharged annually.

Review dates:                   No review dates set
Service conditions, support and availability:
  • Standard Business Hours.
  • The policy regarding the recharging of software is governed by the Polytechnic Information and Communications Technology Committee.