Application Hosting

This service provides the ability to host an application within the Polytechnic environment. The requirements for this service will typically vary according to the application. Costs may apply to this service and will be determined on a case by case basis.
Service Provisions :

The activities required for this service will vary for each application, but may include:

  • Basic monitoring of the application and availability.
  • Routine heath checks of applications and environments.
  • Escalation of support issues to vendors as required.
  • Planning for data protection and disaster recovery strategies in conjunction with business owners.
  • Liaising with technical specialists to ensure reliable infrastructure and environments.
  • Advice to vendors and business application owners regarding the Polytechnic IT environment and assistance with configuration of applications.

Please note this service does not include:

  • Development, support, patching or upgrades to applications.
  • Support for authentication services associated with any application.
  • Responsibility for data (including accounts) where the ownership of data resides with the business area.
Service Owner :
Technical Owner :
  • Team Leader, Research and Teaching
  • Team Leader, SMIS
  • Team Leader, Enterprise Systems
This service is available for:
  • Staff
  • Business Application Owners
Service offerings and variations: Not applicable
Funding model Optional service offerings
Service cost Costs apply to services that do not meet Core services criteria
Review dates: No review dates are currently set.
Service conditions, support and availability:
Standard Support Hours.