Draft Asset Management Policy

ICT Directorate is charged with keeping the Malawi Polytechnic IT equipment inventory. The inventory includes all equipment bought by the college as well as that come as a donation (from whatever source). All assets remain the property of the Malawi Polytechnic.


This asset management policy provides the overall framework for the management of IT equipment from procurement to disposal and it applies to, all staff, students, and all other members who hold IT equipment purchased by the The Malawi Polytechnic. (Note: the college regulations stipulate that all IT equipment must be purchased through the Procurement Office with limited exceptions.)

IT equipment is currently defined as:

  •          All desktop and laptop PCs
  •          All monitors, printers and scanners
  •          Projectors
  •          Servers and network switches

The Polytechnic is committed to managing the lifecycle of its IT equipment:

  • Protecting the institution against loss of IT equipment assets
  • Audit ability of asset use
  • Management information

The Policy

  • The ICT Directorate personnel have the day-to-day responsibility for coordinating the audit of the equipment as well as updating and maintaining the accuracy of the inventory (such as equipment moves)
  • Ensuring that equipment is signed for (without amendment) by equipment holders and declaration is scanned into the asset management system
  • Checking the condition of the IT equipment borrower before equipment is taken out of IT Services care
  • Checking equipment is returned in the same configuration as expected and signing upon collection from equipment holders
  • Care of IT equipment held in stock for issuing and awaiting transfer for disposal
  • Ensuring that on collection new equipment is signed for by IT staff.
  • IT equipment will not be issued by the purchasing team to porters or end users.
  • Confirming asset disposal on system using disposal reports.

Students issued with IT equipment for example generators have the following responsibilities for the equipment in their care:

  • Loss or theft of IT equipment must be reported immediately to the Head of
  • Security and ICT Director
  • Equipment holders will retain responsibility for equipment issued to them until it has been returned to IT Services
  • Equipment holders are not permitted to transfer their responsibilities to another member student
  • Return equipment immediately that is not operating normally