Desktop Environment for Staff

This service provides end-to-end lifecycle support for desktops, laptops and other peripheral devices required to deliver an effective desktop computing environment for staff and postgraduate students.
Service Provisions :

This service includes:

  • Managing a catalogue of standard hardware available for procurement in conjunction with preferred suppliers.
  • Contract management with preferred suppliers.
  • Developing and maintaining standard operating environments.
  • Installation and maintenance of hardware, operating systems and software on desktops and laptops.
  • Hard drive decommissioning.
  • Installation of peripherals such as scanners and bar code readers.
  • Escalated fault resolution from the service desk.
  • Upgrades to installed software.
  • Virus checking and security patching.
  • Check of equipment that has been moved as part of staff relocations.
  • Diagnosis and logging of warranty jobs.

Please note this service does not include:

  • The procurement (purchase or leasing) of hardware.
  • Disposal of hardware.
  • Physical relocation of equipment as part of staff relocations.
  • Support for personally owned computers.
  • Support for computers that do not comply with the standard operating environment.
  • Support for non-standard hardware.
  • Support for peripheral devices not in the catalogue of standard hardware.
Service Owner :  
Technical Owner : Team Leader, Onsite Support
This service is available for:
  • Staff
  • Visitors
  • Postgraduate students

Service offerings and variations:

A standard operating environment is available on the Windows, MAC & Linux platforms.
Funding model Optional service offerings

Service cost

The cost of hardware, leasing and peripherals is the responsibility of the business area.
eview dates: No review dates are currently set.
Service conditions, support and availability:
  • Standard Support Hours.
  • Limited support may be available for hardware that is considered to be at End of Useful Life (EOUL).