Desktop environment for students

This service provides end-to-end lifecycle support for desktops required to deliver an effective desktop computing environment for students on campus in learning and teaching and general purpose computer suites and laboratories.
Service Provisions :

This service includes:

  • Provision of consulting services for the desktop environment for students.
  • The procurement of hardware through preferred suppliers.
  • Maintaining a register of supported student desktop environments.
  • Management of a standard operating environment for student desktop environments.
  • A process for negotiating requirements with the owners of supported facilities.
  • Onsite support and maintenance of student desktop environments.
  • The monitoring and reporting of the quantitative usage of student suites and laboratories.
  • Escalated fault resolution from the service desk.
  • Upgrades to installed software.
  • Virus checking and security patching.
  • Diagnosis and logging of warranty jobs.

Please note this service does not include:

  • Lifecycle funding for hardware which is the responsibility of the area that owns the facility.
  • Support for student and specialist shared environments not included on the register of supported venues.
  • Desktops personally owned by students.
  • Support for non-standard hardware purchased by the area that owns the facility.
  • Support for non-standard operating environments.
  • Support for the use of applications delivered in the student desktop operating environment.
  • Funding of software licenses which is the responsibility of the area that owns the facility with the exception of those available through Core services.
  • Signage and furnishings within the environments.
  • Responsibility for security services, both managing access and cameras.
  • A permanent onsite presence is not provided.
  • Induction with students except that provided through Orientation to Polytechnic ICT Services .
Service Owner :  
Technical Owner : Team Leader, Teaching Technologies
This service is available for:
  • Students
  • Staff
  • Library

Service offerings and variations:

Standard operating environments are available in the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • Linux

For more information on these environments please contact the service desk.

Funding model   Optional service offerings

Service cost                    

The standard operating environment for Windows is fully funded under Core Services.

Costs apply to standard operating environments for:

* Macintosh

* Linux

Review dates: No review dates are currently set.
Service conditions, support and availability:
  • Standard Support Hours.
  • Critical systems support.
  • The schedule of supported facilities is governed by the Polytechnic Information and Communications Technology Committee.