Electronic File Storage

This service provides individuals and groups with secure space on the network where electronic files can be saved and shared.
Service Provisions :

This service includes:

  • Provisioning of individual and group shared file space with quotas applied where applicable.
  • Remote access to individual and group file spaces.
  • A process for the creation of group files space by request.
  • A process for the self-restoration of deleted files.
  • Quota increases upon request and an associated charging process.
  • Approved restores from backup upon request.
  • Server-based virus scanning.
  • Capacity planning and usage monitoring.
  • Lifecycle management of infrastructure.
  • Options for low cost storage.
  • A process for deleting file storage when staff, students and visitors no longer have a relationship with the Polytechnic.

Please note this service does not include:

  • Support for any local storage and devices (e.g. C: drive and USB devices).
  • Support for personally owned external storage devices.
  • Support for business areas providing the service locally, supported by a local computing technician.
Service Owner :  
Technical Owner : Team Leader, Windows Services
This service is available for:
  • Research and Academic staff
  • Professional Staff
  • Postgraduate Research students
  • Undergraduate Students
  • Honors Students
  • Postgraduate coursework students
  • Visitors

Service offerings and variations:


Storage is provisioned with the following quotas:
  • Individual - Research and Academic staff - 50GB
  • Individual - Professional staff - 5Gb
  • Individual - Students - 5Gb
  • Shared - staff/pg research students - 300MB
  • Shared - students - 50MB
  • Individual - visitors - 250MB
Funding model Capacity-based funding

Service cost                        

Options are available to increase capacity in individual and shared allocations.
Review dates:                  
Service conditions, support and availability:
  • Standard Support Hours.
  • Individual space is provisioned automatically on commencement.
  • Workgroup space is provisioned by request.
  • Self-service for restoration of files is available for 3 days (groups) and 5 days (individuals).
  • Storage quotas are governed by the Polytechnic Information and Communications Technology Committee.
Refer to the following site for more information on file storage and quotas: