Training in Desktop Productivity Tools

Training is provided in a range of ICDL desktop applications. These include e-mail, calendar and the Microsoft Office suite. Online and face-to-face options are available for some applications.
Service Provisions :

This service includes:

  • A schedule of training courses provided online.
  • A process for staff and students to enroll into online courses.
  • A process for staff and postgraduate students to enroll into face to face courses.
  • Face to face (classroom-based) delivery of training related to desktop productivity tools (email, calendar, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft operating system).
  • Online training in the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Development and maintenance of training materials and guides to ensure currency with University
  • ICT environment.
  • Escalated support from the service desk for training related issues.

Please note this service does not include:

  • Delivery of face to face training to undergraduate students.
  • Development, maintenance and enhancement of applications developed with the Microsoft Office Suite.
Service Owner :  
Technical Owner : Team Leader, Training Services
This service is available for:
  • Staff
  • Postgraduate students
  • Undergraduate students
Service offerings and variations: Not applicable
Funding model Fully funded
Service cost Not applicable
Review dates: No review dates are currently set.
Service conditions, support and availability:
  • Standard Business Hours.
  • Enrolment into online Microsoft Office courses may be subject to license availability.
  • Online courses are available through the Polytechnic online learning system and are subject to the availability of this environment.
  • Materials for face to face courses are customized for and delivered on standard Polytechnic desktop environments.
  • Training and post-training support is not available in non-Microsoft desktop environments (ie Macintosh and Linux).