The Faculty of Engineering has been challenged to bring back as soon as possible the technician programmes to bridge the technician cadre human capacity gap (Diploma and Certificate courses) in the industrial labour force in Malawi which was created since 2002 as a result of the abandonment of these programmes at the Malawi Polytechnic. Diploma programmes were phased out in 2002 following the dissolution of the Board of Governors.

 The Faculty has responded by introducing the following diploma programmes at the moment; 

 Diploma programmes

 Diploma in Automobile Engineering

 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

 Diploma in Fabrication and Welding Engineering

 Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

 Diploma in Civil Engineering

 Diploma in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering

 Diploma in Biomedical Engineering

 Diploma in Mining Engineering

 Diploma in Geological Engineering

 Diploma in Metallurgy and Mineral Processing

 Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering


The Faculty of Engineering was offering three undergraduate degrees: BSc in Civil Engineering, BSc in Electrical Engineering; and BSc in Mechanical Engineering. In 2011 we introduced some specializations and we now have ten specializations from the three areas as follows;


Civil Engineering:

  1. Bachelor of Civil Engineering – Transport

  2. Bachelor of Civil Engineering  - Water

  3. Bachelor of Civil Engineering – Structures

Electrical Engineering:

  1. Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  2. Bachelor of Electronics and Telecommunications engineering

  3. Bachelor of electronics and Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering:

  1. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

  2. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering

  3. Bachelor of Automobile Engineering

  4. Bachelor of Energy Engineering

The Faculty has also introduced four more undergraduate engineering programmes in 2015 in the following areas:

  1. Mining Engineering

  2. Geological Engineering

  3. Metallurgy and Mineral Processing

  4. Biomedical Engineering