W. Kuotcha,PhD - Head of Department



The Department of Mining, is a newly established department under the Faculty of Engineering. The Department offers the following programmes which address the skills shortage in the extractive industry;
  1. Bachelor of Geological Engineering (Honours)-BEng MEN
  2. Bachelor of Mining Engineering (Honours)-BEng GEN
  3. Bachelor of Metallurgical and Mineral Processing Engineering (Honours)-BEng MMP

Geological engineers work very closely with Mining engineers and Metallurgical engineers. Among other things, they feed Mining and Metallurgical engineers with results they obtain from mineral exploration and analysis to ensure efficient mine operations, safety, maximisation of profits, environmental protection and informed investment decisions. The program merges theoretical and practical geology and commercial skills to equip the graduates with skills needed to drive the extractive industry in Malawi and beyond. The students are equipped with intensive knowledge in Petrology, Geochemistry, Hydrogeology, Mineralogy, Resource Geology, Environmental Geology, Structural Geology, Soil Mechanics, etc. Geological engineering graduates can work with the mineral and petroleum industries, Department of Mines, Energy and Mineral Resources, Department of Geological Survey, groundwater, environmental geology, exploration and resource estimation firms, earthworks, etc.

Mining engineers work closely with other engineers; mechanical, civil, surveyors, geologists, metallurgists and technicians working on a mine site.Mining engineers are concerned with safe mining operations, maximising profits, selection of appropriate mining methods, rock slope stability, etc. The program imparts students with a solid understanding in Mine Geotechnical Engineering, Rock and Soil mechanics, Mine Ventilation, Explosives and Rock Excavation, Mining Methods, Surface and Underground Mine Design, Mine Planning and Financial Technical evaluation of mining projects, Mineral Legislation, Mine Management, Numerical Methods in Geo-Mechanics, etc. Graduates of this program can work with local and international mining companies (mine sites), civil engineering projects, groundwater, Department of Mines, Energy and Mineral Resources,Department of Geological Survey, Petroleum industries, Geotechnical consulting firms, earthworks, etc.

Metallurgical Engineers are mostly concerned with converting the raw materials extracted from the earth into more useable forms such as converting copper ore into copper, iron ore into steel. They refine, recycle, process metals to develop products which are better. The students are equipped with knowledge for metallurgical processing plants, mineral processing, refining processes, such as pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy and electrometallurgy through which concentrates are refined into a pure metal form; the extraction, separation, and concentration of minerals from raw ores, purifying metals and alloying them to control several characteristics including strength and corrosion resistance. Graduates of this program can work with Mining companies, manufacturing industries, chemical engineering companies, Mineral processing companies, Energy industries, Department of Mines, Energy and Mineral Resources, Department of Geological Survey etc.


The vision of the department of mining is to support Malawi’s poverty reduction and socio-economic development strategies through capacity building in mineral exploration, mining and mineral processing activities.


The department of mining is geared to boost the extractive industry by offering programmes which will enable her graduates to develop mining, energy, manufacturing and construction sectors in Malawi and beyond by training and producing competent professionals into these industries. The graduates are equipped with skills and knowledge which will enable mother Malawi to benefit from the wealth buried underneath it by exploration and interpretation of geological data, mining operations at maximised profits and ability to convert raw mineral ores into finished products. This will be achieved through her three programmes; Geological engineering, Mining engineering, Metallurgical and Mineral Processing Engineering.