Mrs F. kambale - Head of Department



The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is under the Faculty of Applied Sciences and serves all the faculties.The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is the only department at the Polytechnic, which has the responsibility of offering relevant Mathematical Sciences courses at certificate, diploma, and degree levels. The department is also mandated not only to provide teaching services but also conduct relevant research, advisory and consultancy services mostly in the areas of mathematics, statistics, consumer research and education. One major area in which the department felt challenged was the on going quest for it to offer its own quality Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Sciences Education.

While it is true that there are education courses in the University of Malawi, The Department of Mathematics and Statistics felt that, apart from the shortage of Mathematical Sciences teachers in schools and colleges, there is still a gap in Mathematics teaching that needs to be filled. The Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences Education mostly concentrates on building the student’s knowledge and competency in Mathematical Sciences first, while at the same time, not losing site of the fact that they must do rigorous studies in curriculum and education in general. The graduates of this programme have a wide choice and combination of mathematical sciences courses such as mathematics, statistics, computer science and/or Information Technology, and Applied Mathematics/Statistics in a number of areas. They are mathematicians with an education qualification.


To become a centre of excellence in training, research, and consultancy services in Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences Education, Statistics and Operations Research in Malawi and the SADC region.


To advance the skills, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and develop positive attitudes of Mathematical sciences and Mathematical Sciences Education and consulted through the highest possible quality of education, training, research, consultancies, and information dissemination which are accessible and responsive to the needs of the individual, the Malawi nation, the SADC region and the World as a whole.