Dr. B.O. Mkandawire, PhD, MIEEE, S.REng, MIE - Head of Department



Over the past five years, the Mechanical Engineering Department (MED) has undergone an extensive restructuring process that saw its former general Degree in Mechanical Engineering transforming into Honours Degree Programmes, namely:
  1. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (BME)
  2. Bachelor of Energy Engineering (BEE)
  3. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering (BIE)
  4. Bachelor of Automobile Engineering (BAE)
In addition, the department runs three re-introduced, demand-driven diploma programmes, as follows:
  1. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  2. Diploma in Automobile Engineering
  3. Diploma in Fabrication and Welding

In addition, the department coordinates a Master of Science programme in Infrastructure Development and Management (IDM). Furthermore, the department hosts the Polytechnic Commercial and Technical Services (PCTS) Centre. The Centre undertakes technical services, such as repairing of vehicles and equipment, commercially. The income generated by the Centre makes it self-sustainable.