The Faculty of Engineering at the Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi is offering Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree programmes in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

The following are the Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy degree programmes on offer:

1. Civil Engineering

  • PhD in Engineering (Transport Systems)
  • Research areas will include Land use and Transport systems, Public works and transport systems, Traveller information systems and Urban/rural transport modes and services.

  • PhD in Engineering (Sustainable Engineering Management)
  • Research Areas will include Urban systems, Transportation, Health, Energy systems, Water and water systems and Environment engineering

2. Electrical Engineering

  • PhD in Engineering (Telecommunications)
  • Research areas will include Wireless mobile systems, Wireless mobile networking simulation, Protocols and bandwidth management, Distributed computing and databases in wireless environments, RF Circuit design, Active noise cancellation and e-Learning software development.

  • PhD in Engineering (Power and Machines)

    Research areas will include Power generation, transmission and distribution; Electrical machines designs and operation; Power system protection; Stability studies; Power flow studies; Power system controls; Power system faults; Electrical energy storage and Energy management.

3. Mechanical Engineering

  • PhD in Engineering (Industrial Management)
  • PhD in Engineering (Infrastructure Development and Management)
  • Research areas for these programmes will include Design methodologies and life cycle planning, Maintenance systems, Planning for public sector and logistics and production planning, Gender and infrastructure, Asset Management, Climate change, Industrial safety and Energy management.

Admission Criteria for PhD Candidates

Candidates for PhD programmes must have relevant masters or MPhil degree from recognized institutions of higher learning.

Publication requirement for PhD candidates

PhD programmes are research based degrees. As such, the candidate will be expected to undertake an independent research effort under the mentorship and guidance of the supervisory team. The candidate will actively participate in national research groups and dissemination forums, as well as publish in recognized peer reviewed journals. PhD candidates will be required to publish a minimum of three (3) peer-reviewed papers in peer-reviewed recognized journals and/or provide evidence of 3 prepared manuscripts 'accepted for publication/in press' during the time of their PhD research programme in order to be awarded the doctoral degree.

Programme fees

Fees for the programme are US$5,500 payable in Malawi Kwacha equivalent. The fees will cater for tuition, supervision and examination. Research expenses will vary from candidate to candidate based on nature of research. All the research expenses (consumables, surveys, out sourced tests etc) will be taken care of by the candidate. Further, living expenses, medicals and other costs are a responsibility of the candidate. The College will, from time to time, provide indicative costs according to the prevailing market conditions.

Further details about the admission and enrolment criteria, including fees and other expenses can be obtained from the Postgraduate and Research Department at The Polytechnic.