Brief Project Description

University of Malawi - The Polytechnic is one of the beneficiary institutions of the Skills Development Project (SDP) funded by World Bank. The Polytechnic intends to: (a) Strengthen its performance by carrying out a programme of specific activities to improve access and market relevance of engineering programmes through construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure including laboratories, classrooms, lecture theatres and office space, (b) Acquire equipment, (c) Develop new engineering programmes at diploma and undergraduate levels, and (d) Upgrade staff qualifications to deliver on new programmes. In addition, the Polytechnic will undertake tracer studies as well as bridging courses to improve the performance of students in science subjects.

Polytechnic project components are detailed in Table 1.

Table 1: A Summary of Objectives, Strategies, Activities, Outputs and Beneficiaries

Objectives Strategies Activities Outputs Beneficiaries
Widen equitable access to Polytechnic programmes Expand infrastructure capacity Construct teaching and learning space, laboratory, workshop, classrooms, lecture theatres, library facilities, office space Rehabilitate infrastructure 4 Laboratories, with 40 student seating capacity each 2 Lecture theatres 250 seating capacity each , 5 Classrooms with 40 students seating capacity each, 25 offices, with one staff member per office Furniture for laboratories, lecture theatres, classrooms and offices Students Members of staff The general public
Increase number of programmes Develop and introduce new programmes More programmes introduced (3 in miming related, 1 biochemical Engineering and 9 Diploma) Public and private organisations
Enhance market relevance of programmes offered at the Polytechnic Curriculum review and development Tracer study, develop new programmes Relevant programmes offered (14) focussing in mining engineering, biomedical engineering and diploma programmes Students Members of staff The general public
Provide appropriate equipment Procure state-of-the art equipment Various sets of equipment including computers, laptops, 12 LCD projectors. One Standby generator set One 32 seat bus One 4x4 double cab field vehicle Students Members of staff Public and private organisations
Increase human resource capacity Train staff to acquire relevant skills and competencies Recruit and train staff Existing staff trained at Masters (20) and PhD (8) levels, Technical support staff upgraded (8). Students Members of staff

As part of the project, The Polytechnic undertook a tracer study of its on-going programmes in all the five Faculties. The reports can be accessed here