The Polytechnic Graduate Tracer Study and Employer Satisfaction Survey

Background Information

The Government of Malawi is implementing a Skills Development Project (SDP), and the University of Malawi - The Polytechnic is among five Participating Institutions (PI’s). The SDP seeks to address identified gaps in terms of skills development, institutional and human capacity in implementing the policy objectives drawn from the country's overarching policy document, the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) II: 2012-16, through increasing access, enhancing market relevance, and increasing the results orientation of the participating institutions. Additionally, the SDP aims to strengthen capacities of the PI’s for programme implementation. This project is monitored by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) of Malawi.

One of the key activities of the SDP is to conduct tracer studies on the ongoing and new education/training programmes in the priority programmes of each PI for the period between 2015 to 2019. As one of the requirements for accreditation, the NCHE also requires all tertiary education institutions to conduct tracer studies. It is the aim of The Polytechnic to carry out a tracer study on all of its programmes in order to fulfill the requirements of the SDP and NCHE at the same time. The idea to conduct a tracer study is also a quality management component for the College. The current survey targets all former students who graduated in 2014 (the graduation cohort of 2014).

The objectives of this 2014 Tracer Study are two-fold: To measure the employability of Polytechnic graduates (labour market information) and to get feedback from these graduates to improve the study programmes (retrospective evaluation). This, therefore, gives chance to The Polytechnic graduates to participate in making the institution responsive to the needs of the labour market. Getting involved in the tracer study is, therefore, one of the special contributions our graduates can make to The Polytechnic.

In addition to the 2014 Graduate Survey, The Polytechnic is also conducting an Employer Survey to measure the satisfaction of our graduates at work places. We want to measure employer satisfaction on Polytechnic graduates’ generic and technical skills, as well as their readiness for work. The results of this survey will inform the necessary actions to be taken by The Polytechnic on its academic programmes in order to produce high quality and relevant graduates. We, therefore, kindly request employers of The Polytechnic graduates to participate in this survey.

We expect that these two surveys will begin in the second week of September and will end by mid October 2016. The Tracer Study and Employer Satisfaction Survey reports will be published on this website and will offer a useful source of information not only for the Polytechnic, industry and higher education policy makers, but also for other equally important stakeholders such as prospective Polytechnic students and their parents/guardians on career guidance. Further, the report will provide a platform for rating of our esteemed college in particular, and the University of Malawi as a whole.

The Tracer Study team is composed of representatives from the five Faculties at The Polytechnic, and is willing to explain further if you have any questions/inquiries related to this project. Please send your questions to:

Tracer Study Team

University of Malawi-The Polytechnic

P/B 303 Blantyre 3



Dr. Theresa Mkandawire - The SDP Team Leader


Phone: 01 870 411

If you are a 2014 Graduate, please click here to go participate in the Tracer Study. Remember, you will be asked to enter your PIN which was sent to you during the invitation.

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If you are an Employer (or its representative) of The Polytechnic graduates, please click here to participate in the Employer Satisfaction Survey. Remember, you will be asked to enter your PIN which was sent to you during the invitation.

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