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Kadewere Triumphs in PSU elections
April 19, 2021, Hazviperi Mbizi
Kadewere Triumphs in PSU elections

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Ellius Chizimba
Mr Ellius Chizimba - University Registrar

An Invitation for application to enroll into the Master of Science, Post Graduate Diploma, (GPDP) and Post Graduate Certificate in Sanitation- 2O22 intake

Academic   Post Graduate Department   July 13, 2022

The Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS), School of Science and Technology offers an internationally recognized Master of Science in Sanitation.. The MSc Sanitation is part of the Global Sanitation under the auspices of the Global Sanitation Graduate School (GSGS) – IHE-Delft, The Netherlands with support from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The programme is jointly implemented by the Department of Physics and Biochemical Sciences and Department of Public and Environmental Health. 

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Chimole receives worldwide recognition
May 3, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi
Chimole receives worldwide recognition
A fourth year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Yusuf Chimole has received eight awards worldwide for developing a coding system called the Lync Energy.