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December 17, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi
Poly hosts Linux event

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News   Chapter Banda   March 22, 2019
PIC: Inside CNC lab
With the advancements in technology, most industries have embarked on automating control machine tools, for this reason—The Malawi Polytechnic has not remained behind, but to construct a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Laboratory with the help of the European Union.

The CNC lab will be used to manufacture metals and malleable parts in mass numbers.

Apart from performing production task, it will also serve as training class for Engineering, Wood technology, and Technical students.

The CNC lab among others, will also help to improve on production efficiency, accuracy, versatility and period.

According to The Polytechnic Principal, Professor Grant Kululanga, the CNC lab has been constructed in acknowledgement to the changes that are happening in manufacturing sector.   

“The Computer Numerical Control laboratory has been constructed to appreciate Mechanical Engineering laboratory that we have had for over past fifty years. In Mechanical lab there are lathe machines that students and lecturers control them manually whenever they are milling metals,” Kululanga narrated. 

Kululanga further explained that the controlling of lathe machines to mill metal chunks depend on the skills of technician to produce high quality.

He continued to say fabrication of components in this modern times depend on CNC machines not on manually operated ones to produce undistinguishable products.

“To mill metals using Computer Numerical Control machines, their precision is very high as it does not depend on an intrusion of human being energy, but on an accuracy of the computer, “he said.

He further said the construction of CNC lab will significantly contribute to quality of The Polytechnic graduates as the students will be imparted with the knowledge of CNC machines.

Various lecturers have been trained on how to operate CNC machines in the lab in which they were been tutored by Brazil CNC specialists.

Commenting on the training they had, one of the lecturer, Emmanuel Molande who also deputize Technical Education Department said the training was very insightful as they have learned a lot of things that are helpful in the manufacturing sector.

“The training was very helpful as we have acknowledged that machines differ depending on manufacturer. For this reason, one has to handle each machine independently despite having a bitter knowledge,” Molande explained.

Molande further said through the training they will be able to develop a program that they will use when teaching the students.

He urged manufacturing industries in Malawi to embrace on using CNC Machines if they want to increase their production.

He thanked the EU for the donation, through the Minster of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development under TEVATA initiative.

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