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Marketing students organize a function to launch their society
October 26, 2017, Harris Chimatiro
Marketing students organize a function to launch their society

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Malawi National Assembly delegates tours Polytechnic

News   Lusungu Munthali   January 30, 2018
PIC: Hon. Mpaweni with delegates from National Assembly
On Tuesday, 23 January 2018, delegates from the National Assembly visited the campus to inspect the progress of the new construction sites. The Delegates comprised of a Committee under Honorable Yaumi Mpaweni, the Chairperson for Parliamentary Committee on Government Assurances and Public Service Reforms.

The Honorable Minister clearly stressed that he and his team had come to monitor the progress of expansion happening around at the campus. He further said that the duty of the committee was to make sure that the project was working in line with government plan and to render help to any challenges involved in the projects.  

Speaking at a meeting in the Boardroom, the Principal, Prof. Grant Kululanga emphasized the need for good infrastructure in order to realize highly skilled learners in the country. He said Polytechnic pushes for innovation and outreach services in order to remain a relevant institution to this country. As a step forward to this the college has an Innovation hub, Design Studio, Raphel Tenthani Centre of Media Excellence and Gaka Radio station. 

 He also highlighted that the college has a vision that by 2022 it should have double the current enrollment. This however can only work with an increase in teaching and learning infrastructure of which the skills development project is offering. The project involves building Laboratories Classrooms, Offices and a lecture theatre. 

Honourable Yaumi Mpaweni and his team made a tour around the campus to see the buildings that have moved from ground level to recognizable structures. The visit has been made 5 months after the minister of Education Science and Technology Honourable Bright Msaka came for a similar visit.

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