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Food Science laboratory producing nourishments
December 13, 2018, Hazviperi Mbizi
Food Science laboratory producing nourishments

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The Polytechnic introduces free Chinese lessons

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   November 20, 2018
PIC: Maganga
The Department of Language and Communications under the Faculty of Education and Media Studies with the collaboration of Confucius Institute has introduced Chinese language classes to all members of staff at the Polytechnic.

According to the memo released on November 19, signed by the Head Of Department, Victor Chikoti, classes will commence on November 23. Members who wish to enroll should select to attend one class every Friday at the Raphael Tenthani Media Centre, Polytechnic Chichiri Campus.

Learners will attend the classes for free but they will be required to pay for the Chinese Proficiency Test.

The Bachelor Of Business Communication Lecturer Focus Maganga, expressed his excitement about the whole program. He explained that China being the second largest country in economy in the world, their language is equally important too when it comes to doing trade, education and inter business relations.  

“Nowadays the Chinese are dominating the African countries in all aspects, for instance, Polytechnic sends people to study in China, other people travel there for business, so learning this language is very important,” Maganga explained

Maganga added that language is a way of communicating otherwise it becomes a barrier in the intercultural skills.

“Chinese is also one of the languages which is highly considered at the United Nations, therefore, mastering it, gives one an employment opportunity worldwide,” he added.

Another Lecturer Dr Murendere Juwayeyi agreed with what Maganga said by adding that, the Chinese Economy is going to be the largest economy in the world in the years to come. Therefore knowing the Chinese language will be an added advantage in terms of commerce.

The Language and Communications Department requests all those interested to enroll for these classes to register with the Secretary, Elizabeth Mcheka  on 09995924767 or Gao XI on 0883922393.

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