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Postgraduate students breathe sigh of relief
January 22, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi
Postgraduate students breathe sigh of relief

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Make your dream a reality

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   July 11, 2020
PIC: Khudze
In order to encourage and motivate young people who are at the verge of giving up in life due to the atrocities and challenges they are facing, a Polytechnic Associate Lecturer in the Department of Computing and Information Technology (CIT) Sarah Khudze has published her first book titled ‘ Make your dream a reality.’

Khudze who is also a Motivational  speaker, Founder and National Coordinator for Reach out to Girls and  Girl Education Advocate, explained that as a young person who has faced many challenges in pursuit of her dreams, she totally understands how hard it is for a young dreamer to rise again when he is knocked out with challenges.

“This book has been written based on real life experiences which aims at challenging someone’s faith that if someone made it, there is grace that can also carry them through on their dream journey. It also gives some insights on what one can do as they are fighting hard to materialise their dreams,’’ She explained.

Also shared in the book are stories of people who have once failed, coming from miserable backgrounds, and thought of giving up but later made it in life.

There will be a virtual launch of the book on the 25th July 2020. The link to the launch will be shared on as the day approaches.

Copies of the book will be available after the launch, but can be ordered now from Sarah Khudze on +265994447588/881012891 or email her on Copies will be sold at K3500. 

According to Khudze the profits made from the sales will be donated to Beautiful Minds Scholarship, a project that aims at supporting needy secondary school students with their education. Buying a copy will mean helping a needy student somewhere.

Random interviews with Polytechnic students reveal that many are eager to have this book which they say will help the young people around the world to make sound decisions about their future.


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