My Community My Solution

Article   Lusungu Munthali   October 6, 2017
At seeing the need to address some challenges students face at the Polytechnic, a group of students from the CIT department founded a group known as My Community My Solution.

Spearheaded by their Computer Programming lecturer, Leonard Umali, the group commenced its operations earlier this year and has so far developed two systems namely the Teaching and learning progress (TelProgress) and Polytechnic Students Union voting system. 

Louis Nyirongo, one of the members of the group explains that the TelProgress is a program that helps final year students to submit their proposals to the lecturers and to help lecturers to follow the progress of the projects from time to time.

However, Nyirongo was quick to point out that the group is now open to everyone.

“The group is made up of students from the CIT department but it is open to everyone who is willing to contribute an idea on how best we can help our community change.” He alluded.

He further explains that the PSU voting system is a groundbreaking initiative that will enable students to vote using their students’ management information system accounts (SMIS).  The students will log into their accounts and will find a PSU link, which will lead them to the voting system. 

In addition, the PSU voting system will also help in perpetrating transparency and accountability between the students’ governing body and the students in terms of how the K1000 membership fee is used in the fiscal budget.

In the past students resolved to the archaic way of standing in queues just to vote for their candidates of choice in the Polytechnic Students Union elections. This exercise, which was held in the Main Lecture Theatre (MLT), took the whole day to complete hence hindering other students with busy schedules to participate. 

The group seeks to find more solutions to the problems students face among which include the accommodation application forms, which could as well be done online.  

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