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Poly for entrepreneurship mindset
February 24, 2020, Chikondi Chingota
Poly for entrepreneurship mindset

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Poly YCS towards SDGs

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   January 16, 2020
PIC: Simango and some of the YCS students
A Polytechnic second year Internal Audit student Lustica Simango, was selected to attend the Pan African Young Christian Students council which is under the International Young Catholic Students Council (IYCS) together with other students from other African countries in Zimbabwe

Upon her return Simango who is the Polytechnic Young Christian Students organization (YCS) President,   held a conference whose aim was to brief the students what she acquired at the conference and also engage them in helping the country to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The conference took place at the Polytechnic Chichiri Campus on December 23, 2019, under the theme; Youth engaging in achieving sustainable goals.

Simango explained that it is important that catholic students and alumni should work hand in hand to revive the national group which has been dormant for some time.

“When I came back from the IYCS conference that is when I decided to organize a meeting at the chichiri campus where I shared with my friends what I learned,” she said.

She further outlined that YCS Malawi chapter is being encouraged to take part in environmental activities in order to help with the SDGs that talks about climate change.

“The other objective of the meeting was to come up with proposals on how we can revive YCS at National level by using the bottom up approach, whereby we need to visit secondary schools as well,” she added.

During the Zimbabwe conference she learned that the Malawi chapter need to register to the IYCS by March 9, 2020 with the amount equivalent to 450USD therefore she is requesting to the alumni and well-wishers to help  in coming up with the proposed activities which could help in fund raising.



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