| Ms Diana Mawindo The Librarian | University of Malawi, The Malawi Polytechnic

Ms Diana Mawindo - The Librarian

Served From January, 2017
Qualifications BSoc (Mw), MIS. Information Studies (UKZN)

Her office is among the most important at the Polytechnic. Diana Mawindo is the college librarian, acting on behalf of Dorothy Eneya who is away on further training. She is responsible for providing the overall management and administration of the college library. It is no mean task: she must liase with others in management on the development of library policies and procedures. Similarly, she must work with the director of information communication technology (ICT) on the college library and ICT committee, which looks at installing new ICT technologies in the library. In the same vein she is responsible for the library at various university-wide committees. 

She is required to prepare various reports after properly liasing with heads of sections of the library: acquisitions/periodicals, readers' services, Malawian/UN sections, and technical services. It is also her responsibility to facilitate information literacy and referencing skills among staff and students. All postgraduate theses must be reviewed by her office before submission to the library. Administratively, she must take care of library staff welfare.

Prior to her appointment at the Polytechnic, Mawindo held increasingly responsible positions at the University of Malawi’s College of Medicine (CoM), including that of deputy college librarian. In fact, she has held positions in virtually every area of information science—cataloguing, acquisition, readers’ services, and periodicals’ librarian, among many others. She also represented the CoM library on various college and university-wide committees.   

Mawindo has an MSc. in Information Studies (cum laude) from the University of Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. She earned this after graduating with a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) degree from Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi. Further, she has various professional qualifications, which she earned in Malawi and South Africa.