Motto : "Developing great leaders and Managers"

The Vision

To be the leading centre in Malawi and beyond in the provision of Management Development Programs.

The Mission

Management Development Centre,through knowledge creation creation,business research, consultancies,coaching,learner centered training,using its quality and modern training and learning resources,highly qualified ,commited and experinced professionals,will enable clients to be great leaders and succesfull managers with a difference.

Core Values

The centre will be guided by the following core values:

  • Professionalism

The Centre shall always engage higly qualified professionals with proffesionals with vast experience in various functional areas in which it offers services such us Management, Marketing ,Accounting ,Finance,Banking and Purchasing.

  • Commitment

The centre is committed to delivering superior services to its clients.

  • Excellence

MDC services are the best and outstanding in every aspect.

  • Customer Value

The centre shall meet customer needs effectively ,through offering best customer services.

  • Ethics

The centre shall uphold and maintain ethical values in its under takings.