Language and Communication Department


The department was established in 2001. It offers Language and professional communication skills to students in all programmes at the institution.  The instruction is tailored to suit nature of programmes offered in each of the faculties. Besides servicing other faculties, the department offers its own degree programme, the Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication (BBC) that fills the gap in the corporate industry for specialists in communication who are in high demand in the country. The course integrates skills in language, journalism, multimedia and communication with Business, management, human and social sciences and development. The department has just started offering an MA in Health and Behaviour Change Communication.

Opportunities for further study

A person who qualifies for the award of a degree in BBC can go  for a masters degree  in different areas, such as communication, public relations, marketing, corporate communication and media management, just to mention a few. The Polytechnic offers Masters of Arts  in Health and Behaviour Change Communication, a programme that the graduates can enroll as well.

 Career prospects

The department, in conjunction with the graduating students conducts a symposium to showcase the skills that the students have acquired after going through the programme. At this function, prospective employers are invited to attend. Furthermore, the department requests the industry to take the students on attachment as one way of improving career prospects for the graduates.