The Faculty of Applied Sciences houses the Departments of Computing and Information Technology (CIT), Environmental Health (EH), Mathematics and Statistics, and Physics and Biochemical Sciences (PBS) respectively.

The programmes under this faculty are relevant and demand driven as curriculum reviews are conducted with the involvement of stakeholders. The faculty is full of opportunities evidenced by the masters and doctorate programmes that it offers. Students also have the opportunity to study abroad.


 Since inception, the faculty has expanded in the following areas:

  • Widened Access - Increase in number of undergraduate programmes.

  • Introduction and increase in number of postgraduate programmes, including Doctor of Philosophy.

  • Increase in number of academic members of staff with PhDs.

  • Establishment of a journal, the Malawi Journal of Applied Sciences and Innovation (MJASI).

  • Increase in number of links/collaborations with other universities/organisations

  • Establishment of students’ organizations e.g. Society of Friends of the Environment and Technology (SOFET).

  • Securing of student academic achievement awards e.g. Thofu Investment and Themba Kalua awards. Students also benefit from the David Livingstone awards.