Mrs Doris Mtemang'ombe- Head of department



The Department of Technical Education was established at the University of Malawi - The Polytechnic in September 1981 with the purpose of providing research and teacher training and development for secondary schools offering technical subjects and the technical, entrepreneurial and vocational education and training (TEVET) sector. Further, the department trains business and computer studies teachers. It was envisaged that the programs would provide the ministry of Education and the TEVET sector with teachers that hold strong professional qualifications supported by a sound personal education and development in skill areas relevant for tertiary instruction and industry. The department offers the following programs:


  1. Bachelor of Technical Education (Science)
  2. Bachelor of Education (Business Studies)
  3. 3.Bachelor of Technical Education (Technology) with specializations in the following areas:
    • Wood Technology
  4. Mechanical Technology
  5. Welding and Fabrication Technology
  6. Motor Vehicle Technology
  7. Electrical Technology
  8. The department also provides various models of continuous professional development programs in education (special and demand driven programs) in order to meet the training needs of its stakeholders to flexibly implement skills development expectations and at the same time meet the national needs for industrial growth and development.