The Malawi Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi offers a Master of Education in Technical and Vocational Education degree programme with the aim of equipping graduates with advanced knowledge, skills, values, and competencies in theories, principles, and concepts that govern technical, economic, pedagogic, scientific, legal, communication, management, and social fields of study and practice. The programme was developed within the context of Malawi's economic needs and growth.

Who should enrol?

The programme is designed for graduates who are pursuing or intend to pursue a career in TEVET in either the public, civil society or private sector. The programme, therefore, will appeal to a wide a range of undergraduates, including those with degrees in commerce and engineering related fields.

Programme duration

The recommended duration of the programme is four (4) semesters full-time study or eight (8) semesters part-time study.

Programme fees

The recommended duration of the programme is four (4) semesters full-time study or eight (8) semesters part-time study.

Domestic Students: US$4,500.00

International Students: US $6,000.00


Students shall be advised to find their own accommodation.

The Programme Structure

The coursework is comprised of seven (7) compulsory modules and two (2) elective modules.

Compulsory modules:

  • Contemporary Issues in Technical and Vocational Education
  • Integrated Foundations of Education
  • Organizational Development and Leadership
  • Curriculum Development and Evaluation
  • Pedagogy Studies
  • Educational Research Methods
  • 7. Thesis - 40,000 words - an empirical research study using experimental work, survey, case studies, programme development, and modeling in any TEVET related area of interest.

Elective Modules: (take two)

  • Science and Technology Education
  • Entrepreneurship Education and Development
  • Strategic Planning and Policy Development
  • Design and Appropriate Technology


  • Students must register for 4 modules in each semester and would not be allowed to proceed to the next year until they have attained 8 modules in the previous year.
  • Part-time students shall register for two (2) modules per semester unless management is duly convinced that the student may take more than two modules.
  • Students will be registered after meeting all obligations as stipulated in relevant sections.

Admission criteria

Applications must have:

  • Bachelor of Science (Technical Education) or Bachelor of Education (Technical) degree or its equivalent from any other recognized university or equivalent institution.
  • A minimum of a strong pass in their undergraduate qualification and at least two years relevant experience.

Applications must comprise:

  • An application form completed by the applicant in black ink and in capital letters
  • A letter of introduction or intention stating what they bring to the programme and their reasons for application and how the programme fits with their professional development and career
  • A resume (or curriculum vitae)
  • Two completed academic reference forms
  • Original academic transcript
  • Certified copies of original certificates
  • Proof of funding for the two years of study

Masters in Technical and Vocational Education Course Calendar