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February 23, 2021, Hazviperi Mbizi
No More Gadget Issues for Mtambo

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Commerce- taking steps towards publishing

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   April 26, 2019
PIC: Commerce members after the meeting
The Faculty of Commerce at the Malawi Polytechnic has formed research groups on different topics in order to pump as many ideas as possible, to compete for research projects in the country and beyond.

During the faculty meeting which took place on Wednesday, April 26 at the Polytechnic Boardroom, members proposed to write about ten manuscripts in a period of three months.

The meeting which was presided by the dean of the faculty, Dr Betchani Tchereni saw the members coming up with research groups of Finance and Law whose team leader is Mr. S. Mumba, Audit and Accounting the team leader is Mr. A. Lipunga  while Economics and Trade’s team leader is Mr. F.M. Banda. Business Management and Marketing is to be headed by Mr. G. Dzimbiri while Supply Chain and Logistics’ team leader is Mrs. R. Hanif  finally Entrepreneurship research group will be led by  Mr. A. Mwenifumbo.

“Having research groups is something that has been talked about but it was not put into practice over the years. We have done it, we have selected leaders and we have put in targets. I am searching for journals where we can send articles for publishing,” Dr Tchereni explained.

The members also discussed and agreed on the proposed building which they aspire to construct. This building will enhance higher learning, targeting female students venture in commerce programs.

“Not many girls think that accountancy is doable, we need to implement an equal ratio of girls to boys in accountancy. Also women in marketing, women in auditing and all other programs under the faculty of commerce,” he added.

In addition, the dean also emphasized on the dress code of the lecturers to be formal, as they are going to class, since they are teaching future business executives.

Dr Tchereni encouraged members to live a healthy life by engaging in sporting activities and visiting the gym once in a while.

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