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PEK organises a training workshop
November 21, 2018, Mercy Garnet
PEK organises a training workshop

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Furniture replacement at Polytechnic

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   January 8, 2019
PIC: A classroom with new furniture
Management at the University of Malawi the Polytechnic under the infrastructure committee has embarked in the refurbishing of staff offices and classes with new furniture.

The project was put in place by the committee after conducting research which was done by the office of the Estate Development Officer.  The office identified the need since there was an outcry from the members of staff that the incumbent furniture was either old or insufficient.  

The project which is being funded by the Malawi Government under the Public Sector Infrastructure department commenced in January 2018 after a proposal was submitted.

The Polytechnic’s Estate Development Officer, Blessings Hudge explained that the committee followed the whole procurement procedures through the Office of The Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Authority. 

“We embarked on trying to find a supplier who was going to supply adequate furniture by taking into account the landing cost, quality and quantity,” Hudge explained.

After proper scrutiny and enquiries from Chancellor College and LUANAR, the committee opted for a Chinese supplier.

“We opted for a Chinese supplier because if we compared the costs and quality to the local suppliers, the local ones were on the higher side, so in order to cut costs, the furniture was purchased in China,” She elaborated.

So far, the progress could be rated at 90% as most offices and classrooms have been furnished. The only classrooms remaining are the New Technical Education block and some offices which are supposed to relocate to the new office blocks being constructed.

Hudge added that the committee is yet to decide on what should be done with the old furniture once the project is completed.

An accountant Nditani Makawa and a secretary at the registrar’s office, Sarah Juma both expressed satisfaction on the new furniture while observing that the chairs are more comfortable and the desks have bigger drawers than the old ones.


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