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Kanjaye in Continental anthology

News   Chapter Banda   March 7, 2019
PIC: Hardworking pays
A final year student of Journalism and Media Studies at the University of Malawi—the Polytechnic, Tamanda Kanjaye’s short story A Change in Sleeping Arrangements, has been selected to feature into an upcoming anthology for young African Writers.

The anthology is slated to be published later this year.

Kanjaye is among seventeen young authors drawn from across the continent through a pool of 52 who were selected to attend writing workshops under Afro Young Adult initiative.

Kanjaye alongside a fellow Malawian Yamikani Mlangazmkii attended the workshop which took place in Kigali among the eight selected cities in Africa.

The workshops aimed at giving the writers an opportunity to rework and perfect their stories. Later, selection for the best seventeen stories by the judges was made.

Speaking after the news, Kanjaye said she was extremely over the moon as her work is getting international recognition.

She further urged her fellow writers to invest in the art as it is not easy to improve if they are not practicing and they should take constructive criticism from people who have experience.

Angasa Salome, a final year student of Journalism and Media Studies who is also a blogger and author, said she got inspired to see Kanjaye growing in her art and for putting Malawi on the Map.

“It is incredibly inspiring to see someone so young exemplify the new direction Malawian writers are taking the craft. It reflects positively on The Polytechnic that the students like Tamanda Kanjaye are achieving such impressive feats, “she explained.

She continued to say: “It is also encouraging for other students at the institution to see that they have the ability to do outstanding things if they work hard by staying committed.”

Speaking to Poly news, Mlangiza expressed her happiness to be part of the anthology and believes it will improve her art.

She further urged up and coming writers not to give up and they should try to give their work to people who will review it accordingly.

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