Poly for socio-economic transformation

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   March 11, 2020
PIC: Rodrick Wiyo making his presentation
The Faculty of Commerce at the Polytechnic being the top business and finance training facility, held a symposium in order to showcase its contribution to the corporate world in form of its highly sought-after graduates to be.

The event took place on Friday, March 6, 2020 at the Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre under the theme; ‘Financial Market: a tool for socio-economic transformation.’

In the opening remarks, the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce Dr Betchani Tchereni welcomed and thanked the delegates from various organizations such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing, ICAM, Deloitte and Malawi stock exchange for their presence and sponsorship.  

“I would like to let the nation know that I am presenting the product that I have confidence in, it is no longer business as usual at the Polytechnic especially in the Faculty of Commerce, we have become very different,” Dr Tchereni said.

He further added that if people are looking for innovative minds in every aspect, they should employ this class since the students have gone through very able minds.

“I am presenting a crop which has a very well better understanding and skill of what the research  is all about, people who are not going to simply listen to do this and do that, people who are thinkers and people who know how to punch the numbers,” Dr Tchereni added.

Later student from various departments like Administration, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Accountancy made their presentations.

In his speech, the guest of honor Rodrick Wiyo from the Reserve Bank of Malawi encouraged the final year students to be humble and start small in the world, and also venture into entrepreneurship.

“When we joined the bank years ago, we were taught how to make, use and manage money through entrepreneurship spirit which has grown with us up to now. We look forward to a young generation which should take this trend into the future mostly this class,” Wiyo said.

Representatives from ICAM, CIM, Malawi stock exchange, Deloitte and other organizations present made their presentations.


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