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The Polytechnic granted to access research in European countries
September 11, 2017, Harris Chimatiro
The Polytechnic granted to access research in European countries

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Poly Hosts IYF

News   Chikondi Chingota   September 23, 2019
PIC: Attendees learning taekwondo
The Polytechnic hosted the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) from 20th to 22nd September 2019, at the Main Lecture Theatre.

IYF is an organization from Korea whose motive is to change the youth’s mindset from a childish careless to a better developmental mindset. Its motto is “change challenge cohesion”.

A second year Bio Medical Engineering student, Lusungu Mtawali is also a member of this grouping. She expressed that some of the benefits of being a member is that they learn how to understand the bible and use it to overcome different challenges.

“I joined this grouping back in 2011 after being persuaded by the teachings I found here when I came as a volunteer in one of its functions,” said Mtawali.

The function consisted of mindset teachings, taekwondo, games, and dances. There was also learning of different languages such as Korean and Chinese.

“One of the things that I have learned here is the saying which says ‘there is a problem, if you say there is a problem’, this means that you need to have a mindset in which there is nothing that you can say is a challenge, in that way you can prosper in anything you do,” narrated Lusungu.

One of the organisers who was simply named “Charlie” explained that this event is annually done and that another function had already been done in Lilongwe from August 29th to 31st this year.

One of the attendees at the function by the name of Asante Kabotwa expressed her gratitude of attending the function saying she has learned a lot.

“In the teachings, I have learnt and appreciated the importance of listening in our daily life. I have also learnt the dangers of careless actions. This will help me to tread carefully in what I do in my day to day life.”    


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