Polytechnic Seventh Day Adventist students cheer the sick

News   Poly News   August 21, 2017
The Polytechnic Seventh Day Adventist club has launched an initiative that seeks to help the sick at Queen Elizabeth central hospital. This initiative is timely as the hospital is facing a lot of challenges ranging from toiletries, food and spiritual counseling.

The evangelical chairperson, Emmanuel Chauya who is in charge of the visits said it is in one`s troubled times when one needs God the most. He also stressed on the point that their initiative will somehow help to create a good image of Polytechnic in the eyes of the public. 

“We are also trying to get rid of the bad reputation that is associated with Polytechnic students, we are often portrayed as barbaric, heartless and selfish creatures,” added Chavula. “We hope that this perception will change through this initiative.” 

“As his words in the book of Isaiah 53 verse 5: that by his stripes we were healed, we thought it wise to tell These people about the goodness of Christ and also get them prepared for the next life by accepting Jesus Christ to be their Lord and personal saviour,” he explained. 

The students visit the hospital twice a week, on Sundays and Thursdays. Speaking on behalf of the hospital’s administration, the Matron, Stella Mkalima said the encouragement and prayers the students provide goes a long way in giving hope and courage to the sick. 

“We provide the medicine and the care but it is God that heals,” she said. It is with this initiative that George kausiwa; one of the patients at the hospital has received Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and savior. 

Chairperson for the club, Timothy Chavula, said they thought of this initiative as a way of giving back to the society the little that they have. 

“The donations come from the money collected as offering during church services and no one is sponsoring us yet,” said Chavula. “If there is anyone interested in sponsoring the initiative out there, their support will be welcomed.” 

“It is a great gift to receive Jesus than these other things that we bring. We bring items for the sick at least once a month but for the other visits, it is strictly to spread the world of God which is the main focus of this initiative,” he added. 

“I have been in this hospital for four months without having anyone coming to see me, not even my relatives,” he complained. “Having been admitted at the hospital after surviving a road accident, I have seen that the Lord will never forsake me.” 

Kausiwa is one among many of the patients that have benefited from this new initiative by the students. 


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