Polytechnic Students to Sing New Song

News   Chapter Banda   April 23, 2019
PIC: Prof. Grant Kululanga
Principal at The Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi, Professor Grant Kululanga, has said that students should expect new things from the institution as the new academic year is about to begin.

The Principal disclosed this in an exclusive interview. He said that the 2019/20 academic calendar will have a full house on board, as some of the members of staff who were abroad for further studies will be available to fully execute their duties.

He said the challenges that were there last academic year will be history now, as the management has closed all the loopholes that led to the malfunctioning of the institution.

Professor Kululanga highlighted that the next academic year will be the exception as the college is also launching its master plan for the next five years Dubbed—the Polytechnic Strategic Plan.

“The next academic year will be very exciting for the students as we are fulfilling our Strategic Plan of 2022. Therefore, when the students come to report for the first semester, both continuing and incoming, they will have access to new infrastructure and modern equipment to ease their studies,” he said.

He further added that The Polytechnic will open an Open Distance Learning (ODL), ICT and Business Centre building that will connect students with business captains to mentor them in various ideas.

However, apart from the good news, the principal conceded that they had some challenges in the last academic year, which affected the output of the institution in some departments.

He said the challenges included, among others, the sit-in by support staff across University of Malawi colleges, which also affected the delivery of services at the Polytechnic. 

He further said inadequate classrooms, lack of staff commitment, and demonstrations by students due to intermittent water supply at the main campus, which lasted for four days, were some of the challenges at the institution, and the college is determined to avoid the recurrence of such challenges.

Chipping in, dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr Gregory Gamula, who is also the chairperson of deans at the institution, said that the major challenge of the 2018/2019 academic year was inadequate funds to fulfill all the teaching and learning activities.

Gamula said the students should be excited about the coming academic year because members of staff are ready to deliver with utmost dedication and commitment to maintain the high standards of education in Unima. 

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