Postgraduate Selection March 2024

Announcement   Head of Postgraduate   January 31, 2024

The Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) is pleased to announce the names of successful candidates who applied for the respective postgraduate programmes as presented below.

MUBAS will conduct orientation for programmes starting in MARCH 2024 as follows:



Date: Tuesday, 27th February, 2024

Time: 09:30 am



Date: Thursday, 29th February, 2024

Time: 09:30 am



MUBAS DOES NOT make phone calls to successful candidates demanding upfront payment of their tuition fees. Furthermore, the University does not have MPAMBA or AIRTEL MONEY accounts. All payments are done through the University’s bank accounts.

Should you, therefore, receive any such phone calls from anyone demanding payment of your tuition fees, please, do not hesitate to contact the Registrar, Deputy Registrar (Academic) or the Head of Postgraduate Studies respectively using the following contact details:

+(265) 999 640 129 / 0993 897 475      OR


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