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Universities benefit from SDP project
December 9, 2019, Chikondi Chingota
Universities benefit from SDP project

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Geoffrey Moses Sakala
Mr Geoffrey Moses Sakala - Finance

Press Statement on Current Covid-19 Situation at the Polytechnic

Announcement   Registrar   January 9, 2021

Management would like to inform all staff and students that the College has registered one confirmed covid-19 case as of Friday, 8th January, 2021. The confirmed case is a student.

Efforts were immediately made to isolate the student from where the concerned student was residing. The guardians were informed on the situation and the student has since gone home for isolation. 

Management with assistance from Blantyre DHO, has embarked on contact tracing for those that were in contact with this student. Once the contacts have been identified, will be isolated and tested for covid-19. 

Management has put in place measures of ensuring that there is no escalation of covid-19 cases on campus. One of the key measures is to decongest the campus further by migrating most of its programs to Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT), intensify screening of those accessing the College coupled with regular disinfection and wearing of face masks at all times. 

Further, Management is pleading with all students and staff to always observe the covid-19 measures put in place and make sure that we all mask up in order to avoid escalating the spread of the virus on campus.


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