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Salome Msango - Coping up Life at the University with Entrepreneurship
August 21, 2017, Poly News
Salome Msango - Coping up Life at the University with Entrepreneurship

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Robot from Poly Design Studio

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   March 12, 2019
PIC: Liyabunya demonstrating the spider robot
The Polytechnic Design studio member Chiyamiko Liyabunya has developed a spider robot which could be used for security and surveillance.

Liyabunya who has been a member for the design studio for over two years said, this prototype has been his childhood dream after watching robotic animations called spider riders as a child.

“I started building the spider robot at the Design Studio because I found the resources, machinery and expertise necessary for the production of the robot,” he explained.

The Polytechnic Design Studio is not only operational to students, it is also open to those who have ideas, but lack the technical expertise and machinery to transform their ideas into tangible products.

Currently, the spider robot is able to move, turn and detect an item.  It is also able to take pictures if a camera is mounted on it. Through the program which it is coded with, it transfers the information to a computer or a phone which it is connected to.

The Founder and Chief  Executive Officer of MicroMek, the company that deals with robotics Dumisani Kaliati, observed that this is a viable project which just needs to be scaled up so that the spider robot should work effectively.

He said: “These are the advanced equipment that are being used in the developed countries for surveillance or getting eyes and pictures in the confined spaces which are not reachable by human beings.”

The Polytechnic Design Studio Manager, Hillary Lodzanyama encouraged the general public especially those who have innovative and scientific ideas, but lack mentorship and equipment to come and register.

The Design Studio offers mentorship in both theory and technical expertise to both students and outsiders. It also provides machinery and facilities for the production of any scientific project.

It is open to students and members of the general public who are supposed to pay a fee of three thousand kwacha per month.

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