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Postgraduate students breathe sigh of relief
January 22, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi
Postgraduate students breathe sigh of relief

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Say No! To flooding

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   September 26, 2019
PIC: Students working on the projects
Final year Polytechnic Diploma students studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mwisa Kayuni, Yohane Malikita and Andrew Zulu have designed and implemented their own Flooding Detection System that will alert and take action of containing the situation in a Hydro Electric Power Station

According to Kayuni, after conducting research they discovered that the Draft Tube Floor of Hydro Generating Power Station is at risk of flooding. 

Using buckets to illustrate how this machine works, they connected them to the Beacon light and sensor which shows that, when the water level rises and meet the second sensor, level 2 an alarm is activated and a “Flooding Alert Program!!” SMS is sent through. 

“Flooding in a Hydro Power Station mainly occurs whenever there is a sudden rise of water on the draft tube floor caused by either blockage of drain pipes to the drainage pit, or failure of drainage pit and many more,” he explained.

Kayuni added that even though when constructing a Hydro Power Station, Drainage Pits are constructed, but they cannot detect rapid water rising on the draft Tube floor.

“If this system is implemented, it can improve the response time when faced with a case of flooding at the Hydro Power Station,” he highlighted.

According to the supervisor of the project Alinafe Kaliwo, it is a very good project, which he says if taken up for maximization and improvement, it is a very good innovation.


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