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Poly hosts delegates
November 5, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi
Poly hosts delegates

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Students indulge in workshop adventure

News   Chikondi Chingota   September 11, 2019
PIC: The trio during their preparations
Three Diploma Electrical and Electronics Polytechnic students by the name of Rodrick Custom, Jehophashat Kachale and Debbie Silungwe have taken it upon themselves to indulge into electronic and programming workshop.

The trio will be going into rural and isolated areas targeting the youth in which they will be training them in this particular field. The workshop is called WANTECH, which they say translates to “One Technology”.

“The reason behind the workshop is to empower the youth in the skills of electronics, electrical and basic programming so that with that knowledge they are able to form businesses and rely on themselves financially,” one of the students Rodrick Custom explained.

“The other aim of this workshop is to empower the community on how they should deal with climate change on their own through ways of irrigation and solar.” Jehoshophat Kachale added.

The students are planning on visiting Chiradzulo district from 23rd to 28th September while interacting with the youth from different sectors such as churches and secondary schools. 

“We want to meet secondary school learners so that they can have a picture of what they can expect when they venture in the university, and this may add as an extra motivation to them,” Jehoshaphat explained.

Asked what benefit the students think they may attain from this, Debbie explained that the will to pass on the expertise is one of the reasons that drove them to do this.  She added that it would also act as an opportunity for them to bring into practice what they learned in class.

They were however asking well-wishers who are able to provide financially or electric materials to do so, stating that it will help contribute in their developmental activities.

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