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Towards a clean and safe Blantyre City
July 25, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi
Towards a clean and safe Blantyre City

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News   Hazviperi Mbizi   May 22, 2019
PIC: Pastor Mayamiko Chindongo
In order to assist University students deal with relationship issues and prepare them for marriage, Pastor Mayamiko Chindongo launched a book titled ‘Rethinking Guy/Girl Relationships’ at the Polytechnic Room 47L.

Gospel artists like Suffix and Ten A M Band supported the launch, which took place on May 17 2019. 

Pastor Chindongo who started his fellowship among University students six years ago, decided to turn all the conference teachings he has had into a book.

“We have moved from campus to campus, talking to students, engaging them in talks in the subject. We strongly believe that there is a crisis when it comes to relationships,” he explained.

Pastor Chindongo added that the book and the conferences help students to understand how to deal with relationships to avoid getting hurt or hurting others by engaging in the Bible.

A second year entrepreneurship student Elliot Kachikololo said the book comes handy considering that many students fail to handle relationship issues like heartbreaks, which can be destructive in their studies.

“Many students on campus are in relationships but they are unhealthy, based on the things they do, they do not understand how to deal with boy/girl relationship,” he said.

Kachikololo encouraged his fellow students to attend such conferences even read the book in order to be able to deal with relationships without jeopardizing their studies.

The book launch, which was first done at the Polytechnic, will also take place in different colleges in the country.

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