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Tenthani Series shines spotlight on media transformation in Malawi
October 31, 2018, Chapter Banda
Tenthani Series shines spotlight on media transformation in Malawi

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Poly to introduce ODL

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   March 14, 2019
PIC: ICT and ODL business Center Under Construction
The University of Malawi – The Polytechnic has plans of implementing an Open Distance Learning in the next academic year commencing in April, 2019.

Speaking during the tour of the newly constructed ICT ODL and Business Centre building, the Principal for the Polytechnic Professor Grant Kululanga explained that the new building once it is finished will be part of the program in implementing higher learning through ODL.

“In the past, Polytechnic has been involved in the face to face lecturing through class interaction. This time around, we want to take education to where people are,” Kululanga explained.

The Principal further explained that there are many people who may wish to attain higher learning but they may not do so due to barriers like jobs, disability, finances and geographical location.

“We have the technological expertise which we can work with the students through the internet. We are experts in teaching philosophies which can be engaged when teaching someone at a distance. We have also reviewed the curriculum to suit this kind of learning,” he added.

The University is going to advertise different programs in the media where successful applicants will be scrutinized and enrolled.

A former part-time lecturer, Dr George Mindano described it is a step in the right direction.

“This is what is practiced in other developed countries, which in turn will make the courses offered be competitive and attractive at both local and international level,” he said. 

He further observed, “such programs have the potential of positioning the University’s system among the best in the world”.

A Polytechnic graduate Cotrida Hunga observed that this is a catalyst to the development of the country since it allows people to learn while they are working.

“These students put into practice what they learn in class since they are already in the industry. ODL is also flexible since it does not get disturbed by the location of the student geographically. Its flexibility gives room for students to engage in diligent research for effective results,” Hunga explained.

The Open Distance Learning program is expected to commence in the next academic year when the ODL building has been finalized. It is expected to have discounted fees than the normal generic learning.

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