The Design Studio equips MUBAS Lecturers with knowledge and skills for effective delivery of curriculum.

News   Peter Bwanali   December 20, 2023
PIC: Some of the lecturers engage in practical sessions during the workshop.
The Design studio unit at Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) organized a training workshop for lecturers in the School of Engineering at the University as one way of imparting and sharing knowledge on some of the tools, technologies and materials relevant for the effective hands-on-delivery of their respective curricula.

The workshop, which took place on 13 and 14 December, 2023 at Bliss and Honey Conference Centre in Thyolo, was attended by lecturers from all the departments under the School of Engineering such as mechanical, electrical, civil, mining and biomedical engineering. Among other topics shared during the training were, how lecturers can utilize the space in the design studio to delivery practical teaching using different design software packages, electronics, fabrication equipment and computer hardware. 

Speaking during the opening of the workshop, Design Studio Manager, Hillary Lodzanyama, said the workshop was organized in order to promote engagement between the design studio and the academic members of staff in the school of engineering on the tools and spaces available for hands-on-teaching.

"The idea of integrating innovation spaces such as the design studio into the curriculum promotes research and innovation, among lecturers and students. This also enhances competency in delivery of practical teaching and learning," Lodzanyama said.

The workshop was funded by RICE 360 University and 18 academic members of staff were in attendance. 

The Design studio was established in 2022.The studio provides a practical approach to education and research projects for students, staff, alumni and members of the community. It also champions innovation and entrepreneurship in addition to offering internships to students.


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