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Poly for Sexual Behavioural Change
February 14, 2020, Chikondi Chingota
Poly for Sexual Behavioural Change

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Let’s fight COVID 19

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   July 16, 2020
PIC: A student demonstrating how the Full Body Sanitisation Chamber operates
In an effort to help in the fight against the Corona Virus pandemic, The Polytechnic Design studio has manufactured a Full Body Sanitization Chamber which uses electricity and a sensor.

This machine is used to disinfect individuals from head to toe. Once they step in, it senses automatically and sterilizes them with a sanitized steam for a period of 20 seconds. 

According to the Design Studio Manager Hilary Lodzanyama, it could be used in places like offices, airports, hospitals and any other areas where there is mobility.

“We decided to improve the features of this machine so that it should be effective in cleansing people when they are entering and exiting on premises,” Lodzanyama explained.

In addition to this, the Design Studio is also manufacturing Pedal Operated hand washing machines, Face shields and other protective gears which are being sold in bulk.

Organizations and individuals in need of the various items can visit the Polytechnic Design Studio or by calling Hilary Lodzanyama on 0888416190.


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