Students Accommodation

The University has two systems of accommodation for students. Due to the inadequacy of hostels provided by the institution, students who have not been given bed space on campus seek accommodation in private hostels around Mubas.

University Hostels

The university provides limited accommodation to students at a minimal rate. Every student is supposed to be accommodated on campus for a maximum of two years of their academic program in order to give a chance to each and every student to use the University facilities like the library.

Students are supposed to apply for accommodation at the end of each academic year where applications are scrutinized and the eligible are selected.

There are five hostels on campus, for male students there is Nyika A and B, Mpingwe  and Ndirande. For Female students there is Hyrid, Kapeni A and B plus some rooms in Ndirande hostel.

Other hostels are at Chichiri and the Poly Alley which mostly accommodates both male and female first year students.

Private Hostels

The procedure of getting accommodation in these hostels is controlled by the owners of the premises. These include; amount to be paid as rent and other conditions put in place by the owners and landlords. The map below showcases some of the privately owned accommodations for students around Blantyre.