Procurement Office

No institution can operate without the necessary goods and services. At MUBAS, the responsibility for purchasing capital-intensive goods and services is facilitated by the chief procurement officer (PO). This official is responsible to the vice chancellor and responsible for the assistant chief procurement officer and other support staff within his purview. He or she is responsible for developing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing procurement policies, plans, strategies, systems and procedures. 

The PO must also prepare and review contract documents and request quotations and bid documents prior to procurement of goods or services. In this regard, it is incumbent upon the PO to be capable of interpreting procurement policies and regulations, compiling no objection requests, and appraising supplier performance. 

This is a fiscally critical position, and it requires someone capable of preparing and monitoring departmental budgets. It also requires the PO to provide secretariat services to the Internal Procurement Committee. As part of the requisite management duties, the PO must also appraise the staff in the procurement office. 

Office Contact Details

Physical Address MUBAS Main Campus - Administration Building
Postal Address Private Bag 303, Chichiri, Blantyre 3.
Phone 0111870604