School of Business and Economic Sciences

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Assoc. Prof. B. Tchereni

Commerce is at the heart of every economy. So, it should not be surprising that the Faculty of Commerce has a unique prestige among the faculties at the Polytechnic: It has trained bankers, accountants, and many other professionals that continue to make the economy of Malawi hum. The programs offered under the faculty have to do with accountancy and auditing, business administration, and commerce (broadly defined). The three departments under the faculty—accountancy, business administration, and commerce—offer 12 academic programs, with the Department of Commerce going so far as to offer a doctorate in commerce with three specializations. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) offered by the Department of Business Administration is arguably the most popular post-graduate degree for professionals within Malawi who wish to further their studies.  

Academic Members of Staff 

The academic members of staff in the Faculty of Commerce are, by definition, engaged in virtually every sector of the economy of Malawi. They are among the most enterprising and entrepreneurial of the academic staff at the Polytechnic. As with academic members of staff in other faculties at the Polytechnic, members in the Faculty of Commerce teach students in other faculties when the need arises. Not only do they teach the various modules with zeal and expertise, but also they are consultants, conducting research on behalf of various corporate organizations and the government itself. They also conduct academic research. Quite frequently, some members are called upon to comment in the media on various socio-economic issues facing the country. 


Officially under the Faculty of Commerce, the Management Development Centre is one of the more illustrious centres at the Polytechnic: many a banker, accountant or manager has enrolled at the centre, typically to upgrade his or her qualifications. The centre offers students from various backgrounds, with different qualifications, and at different stages in their professional life the opportunity to study under lecturers who teach at the Polytechnic. Like all other centres at the Polytechnic, it was established to offer those who were otherwise unable to enroll as regular students the opportunity to attain tertiary education. The focus at the centre is on management and other related courses. Students may also sit for examinations offered by international examining bodies such as the Association of Business Executives (ABE) and ABMA Education.  

School of Business and Economic Sciences Programmes