MERA donates to MUBAS needy students

News   Joseph Ulemu   September 23, 2021
PIC: Fitina Khonje makes a symbolic donation of a tablet to one of the representatives of the needy students
Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has bankrolled Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences’ (MUBAS) “Buy A Gadget Campaign” with K2.7 Million meant for buying gadgets for needy students who cannot afford Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) lessons.

The University launched the campaign early this year to raise funds for purchasing gadgets for students who cannot buy gadgets to access online lessons. The ERT system was introduced to ensure continuity of studies amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and as one way of reducing the spread of the pandemic.

Speaking during the hand-over ceremony held on September 22, 2021 in main boardroom at MUBAS, representative of the Acting Vice Chancellor, Dr Mphatso Kamndaya, who is also the Dean of Faculty of Applied Sciences said the gesture is welcome and timely.

Kamndaya said “Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, we have resorted to offering our programs online. However, we have over 700 needy students who cannot afford gadgets which they need to access online lessons. Therefore, the donation will be important as students will have gadgets that are to be procured”

Kamndaya also appealed to stakeholders to come forward and help such students in need at the institution, saying the university admits many students every year who face various challenges.

In an interview, Consumer Affairs and Public Resource Manager for MERA, Fitina Khonje said they made the donation not only to help the students but also to strengthen the partnership they have with MUBAS.

“We work with MUBAS in many different areas. As MERA, we thought it wise that we should not only work with MUBAS as an institution or after people have graduated but also take interest in the students. We believe it is the students who will come up with innovative and brilliant ideas that can uplift the energy sector. By the way, I urge the beneficiaries to use the donation for the intended purpose so that it benefits them” said Khonje.

On his part, one of the students who is also a beneficiary, Abraham Chatuluka, studying Bachelor of Education in Business Studies in year one thanked MERA for the shot in the arm it has given them. He promised to make the best use of the donation and asked other organisations to come to other students’ rescue.


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