Mixed feelings over final year exams

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   November 30, 2018
PIC: Students having group discussions
As the year 2018 is coming to an end, students at the University of Malawi The Polytechnic will be writing end of 2018 academic year exams from December 2 to December 14.

During this week of preparation popularly known as the Grace week, students are seen in small groups discussing what they have learned, commonly known as ‘Madisi’ during the whole academic year. Some are patronizing the Library which makes it to be full to the capacity more than the normal school days.

One of the Library members of staff Murray Mwachumu observed that during this week the library is jam-packed than the normal days.

“Students struggle and push each other in the morning when they want to enter, some even fight for particular places and the pace of borrowing of books has increased,” Mwachumu explained.

A first year Bachelor of Civil Engineering Structure student Christopher Nkhata explained his fear of writing his first ever final exams saying he does not know what to expect.

“I have been studying tirelessly day and night for fear of being ‘weeded’( withdrawn). I only know that when you do not do well in your final exams you get ‘weeded’. I even stopped watching movies until I finish exams,” Nkhata explained.

Another first year Environmental Health student Charity Sopo added that she has also cut down some hours of sleep in order to study at night. She continued to say that although she has done well in her course work, this is not a reason enough to relax but fight on for a better average grade.

While the first year students are skeptical about the exams, the final year students on the other hand are enthusiastic about it.

A final year Bachelor of Science and Information Technology Sharon Nkukumira expressed her excitement about completing her studies after four years at the college.

“It has been the longest four years full of fun and hard work but I am both excited and nervous to go out there. I intend to devote my skills that I have acquired into something productive not just waiting to be employed,” she explained.

A Bachelor of Arts in Journalism final year student, Andrew Viano concurred with Nkukumira by saying he feels good that he is finally completing the four tiresome years of studying. While Nkukumira plans on investing her skills in entrepreneurship, Viano hopes that the potential employers should recognize his hard working spirit and employ him.

The Polytechnic hostels which are normally noisy are now the unobtrusive places than the morgue, as students are busy either studying at the classes or at the library at all times.

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