MUBAS charity initiatives call for support

News   Joseph Ulemu   August 16, 2021
PIC: IFSD team members during at an interface meeting
Nonprofit making organizations at MUBAS aimed at helping needy students at various education levels have appealed to the government and well-wishers to help them with funding for the successful and continued operations of their initiatives.

Speaking in an interview, Director of Initiative for Scholars Development (IfSD), MacDonald Mapulesi said lack of funding continues to derail the progress of students-initiated organisations which aim at helping students at primary, secondary and also tertiary education level, particularly the needy and underprivileged.

The initiative launched their first phase of a No-School-Dropout Campaign in T/A Kabudula in Lilongwe where they visited a number of primary and secondary schools. They engaged in motivational and career guidance talks, and edutainment activities to inspire and motivate students along their academic journey.

“Government is working to ensure there is quality education in Malawi. Our belief is that young people are solutions for the future, so giving them high quality education is the best way of shaping them to be productive citizens. IfSD is therefore, complementing government’s efforts to accomplish its agenda through No-School Dropout.  We voluntarily visit schools, youth clubs, local governance structures (ADC/VDC) and parents. We bring role models to their schools and localities to teach them on the importance of education and encourage them to keep their children in school,” he said. 

In a separate interview, director and co-founder of Bright Future Malawi, Mathews Nefani expressed his worry over stagnation of the organization. He added that it was very pathetic to see many learners out of school and others with no interest in school because they do not only need motivation but also provision of scholarly materials.

“We ask for any well-wishers to help or partner with Bright Future Malawi with anything they have that work towards helping students in various learning institutions. There young people who wish to complete school but they cannot due to abject poverty and it is us to bail them out” he said 


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